Parenting is a difficult full-time job, even when kids are going to school; let alone when they are unexpectedly forced to stay home from a global catastrophe. It is critical in this moment to make them feel as safe and happy as possible. And without any external activities going on, to also keep yourself sane!

Take a Virtual Tour

It’s never a better time to get imaginations going and not just by watching videos. See where you can go from your very own living room!

Go to a National Park

Even though kids won’t be doing too much nature exploration physically these days, you can still get them interested at home, thanks to advanced virtual tools available. Google Earth has a quite detailed way to do this. Kids can scroll over different terrain, zoom in on fantastic images, and observe the natural flora and fauna!

Go to the Museum

Over 2500 museums have worked with Google to let you have access to very exciting and famous exhibits. Why not inject a bit of culture into your lives and spark your kids’ interest in art and history? Go to the Guggenheim in New York, the British Museum in London, or even the Louvre in Paris, today. 

Go To Mars

Google to the rescue again, and why just explore this planet when you can go out of this world? NASA’s Curiosity rover has worked its way all around Mars for us and taken digital photographs which the scientists at NASA have been able to turn into a 3D model for our viewing pleasure.

Virtual Visit

Talk to a Character

There is actually a way to facetime with a princess nowadays! Or of course, others like your friendly neighbourhood spiderman or other favourite superhero. Your kids will be enthralled to have a chat with them and may even get to have a sing-along or storytime.

Favourite Author

Some authors are posting videos of themselves reading their books. See if your kid’s favourite one is out there on the web!


All the virtual stuff is great, especially when you can travel the world or outer space and see your favourite people. But direct contact is still necessary during this time. Old fashioned, yet classic, kids need to get all their good feels from playing.

Board Games

Kids have become accustomed to playing games on their screens. But board games allow them to get intimate interaction, physically moving pieces and cards around, and communicating directly with others.

Outdoor Play

Fresh air is essential, especially while kids aren’t being prompted to go outside by their regular routines and schedules. They don’t have to make contact with people outside; a good old run around in the backyard will still do the trick. Especially if they have a cubby or cubby house fort back there, they can play for hours without getting bored.

You don’t only have to think about how to mentally survive this time with your children; you can actually use it as the perfect opportunity to personally engage with them. You will gain a better understanding of their interests and find ways to appeal to them, so you don’t lose it. And by doing so, you will have a better connection to them.

With the help of Little Chief your little ones can have their every own custom dream cubbies and monkey bars for hours of entertainment, and at the same time they are getting fresh air and exercise.

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