Cubby Care

How to care for your Cubby

Playground Safety

For the prevention of surface deterioration and mould growth, it is important that all timber is painted or stained for exterior, weather-exposed applications. This should be done within 7 to 30 days of installation.

To allow for variations in timber moisture evaporation rates, it is strongly recommended that the timber is left to re-condition for at least 7 days before painting. In periods of prolonged cold or wet weather, a longer period may be required. If in doubt it is recommended to trial paint a small area and monitor it for satisfactory drying and adhesion.

After timber conditioning, common timber fillers and putties may be used prior to coating.

For adequate cover, use a suitable brush to apply two or three coats of a quality exterior acrylic finish or stain as required or recommended by the manufacturer.

To determine the required quantity of paint or stain to purchase, first calculate the square metres of walls to be painted. Typically you will require one litre of liquid for each 12m2 of wall per coat. Therefore divide the total square metres to be painted by 12, then multiply by the number of anticipated coats to calculate the required litres.

Example –

Wall Length(m) X Wall Height(m)  X Number of walls X Number of Coats  divide 12 X 1 litre = ? litres.

1.8X 1.5 X 4 X 3 / 12 X 1= 2.7

Always follow the usage and application recommendations of the coating manufacturer.

Timber Maintenance

For the best performance, timber products in exposed situations must be painted, stained or sealed to prevent discolouration, mould, and dimensional distortion.

Cleaning should be performed regularly to minimise the build-up of dust and grit. Dirt traps moisture increasing the potential for decay. Remove any build-up of soil against timber near the ground.

The frequency of coating depends on the elements and the climate in your area such as rainfall level, sun exposure and humidity. Timber that is in full exposure to the sun could need coating every 1 – 3 years, whilst timber under full cover may last 5 – 6 years before recoating is needed.

Inspection should be performed at least once every 6 months for early signs of drying and splitting. These should be treated sooner rather than later.

Timber must be completely clean and dry before applying any coating. Always follow the cleaning and application recommendations of the coating manufacturer.


Adult supervision and guidance is required for children using these products.

Playgrounds should be installed on flat stable ground. Allow 2 metres space from solid structures to ensure safe use. 3.5m clearance is required in front and behind swings. Cubby verandah or fort openings need to be filled with options or balustrades if elevated. Suitable under surfacing is required as per Australian Standard AS 4685:2014 recommendations.