As a parent, one of your most important jobs is to raise your children to be smart and healthy adults. If you start teaching your kids valuable life lessons early, they are more likely to remember them and incorporate these learnings into their lives as they grow up.

In this post, we will share different ways that you can help your child establish healthy habits — all from your own backyard in a LittleChief cubby.

Playing with others

Outdoor play is an excellent way to help your little one understand the importance of sharing and teamwork. You can help make these essential life lessons fun by encouraging your children to play outside with one another or with friends. And with a cubby, playtime is even more fun.

For example, you can teach your kids how to work together by running their very own cafe cubby or pretending to be firefighters or police officers in their station cubby. Not only will they enjoy themselves, but they’ll also find out that they can accomplish more by teaming up with others.

Enjoying Fresh Air and Sunshine

Not only does outdoor play allow kids to burn off extra energy, but the sun and fresh air are also beneficial for their physical health. If they have a cubby to play in, your little ones can get all of these great benefits without having to go to a public playground or park. The Castle cubby is the perfect option for kids to spend a fun-filled afternoon outside.

In the past, children with disabilities could not enjoy outdoor play as much as their peers. However, LittleChief offers wooden cubbies designed for kids of all abilities. Some models are equipped with accessible features such as wheelchair ramps and wider doorways so that everyone can play together.

Using their Imagination

Encourage your children to engage their sense of creativity as they play outside in their cubby. With just a little spark of imagination, a wooden cubby can instantly be transformed into a pirate ship, a castle or a restaurant.

Creativity is a vital skill for kids to learn, and outdoor play is a fantastic way to inspire your kids to think outside of the box. These lessons will be crucial to their development and help them as they go through school and begin their careers later in life.

For growing children, there are so many healthy benefits of outdoor play. From teaching them interpersonal relationship skills to activating their creative side, little ones need to get outside and play with their siblings and friends to keep up their mental and physical wellbeing.

Installing a LittleChief cubby at your home can help spur their imagination even more. Between our classic cubbies and boutique cubbies, we offer a variety of high-quality outdoor play structures that your children will love. All of our wooden cubbies can be customised with fun accessories, including sandpits, monkey bars, slides and rock climbing walls.

To learn more about LittleChief’s products, call us on 1300 887 852 or email us on You can also explore our selection of cubbies on our website.

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