The Station

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The Station cubby will inspire the most creative adventures. Whether it’s a railway station, a police station or a fire station, this cubby offers hours of play. Combining The Garage model with The Tower, you can add any accessory of your choice! Paint it white and red to create a real fire station – and as with all our designs, you can add a sign with your child’s name for their own personalised cubby.

The Station comes with a lockable double door, a ramp and two windows and a Tower. You can add any accessory of your choice including a slide, a fireman’s pole, a scramble net, a telescope and more. Let the fun begin!

As Pictured: Front includes double door, window and a ramp. Window in one gable side, access door to Tower in the other includes a ladder. Access openings in each wall of the Tower. Elevation floor height 1.2m. Roof height Station 2.0m, Tower 2.82m. Options not included in the price – 2.4m Slide and painting. 

The attached Tower comes standard with a set of stairs to suit. You will need to select 3 items from the elevation accessories below. You may choose to block off an opening with a balustrade.

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